What is the Average Tattoo Removal Price?

Tattoos: chances are, you love them or hate them.

If you’re one of the 30% of Americans who has a tattoo, you may be happy with your decision and love looking at your tattoo. But for many others, their tattoo is a sign of something they regret.

Luckily, having a tattoo now doesn’t mean you’ll have it forever. Advances in laser technology make it possible for most people to get a tattoo removed.

Curious about tattoo removal price? The following guide explains how to remove a tattoo and what to expect during the tattoo removal process.

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for tattoo removal. Typically, this answer varies from person to person. In general, though, you can expect to pay between $200 to $500 per treatment.

However, certain spas may have different pricing models. Later in our article, we’ll explain why the Better Off Med Spa treatment process may be a more affordable choice for your tattoo removal.

How Removal Works

Before the procedure, a topical numbing agent will be applied to the target area. This will ensure that the process is relatively painless.

Next, the PicoWay laser will deliver energy with its precise high-power laser. Energy will be delivered in short pulses to target ink particles with the greatest impact.

Pulses from the laser will shatter the tattoo ink into minuscule particles. Working with the immune system, the body will remove them.

Pain Level

It’s common to wonder, “Does tattoo removal hurt?”

Removing a tattoo is usually relatively painless, but it can’t be guaranteed to be pain-free. Just like you experienced discomfort while getting your tattoo, your body will experience some discomfort when having it removed.

The laser hitting the tattoo ink in pico-seconds causes a snapping and momentary discomfort.

Your skin may be extra tender and red the day you receive treatment. Usually, your skin will go back to normal within 24 hours of treatment. Since there are no wounds on the skin, there’s no healing process.

The next 6-8 weeks will start to show results to the area.

Who is a Good Candidate for Laser Tattoo Removal?

Most people with tattoos are good candidates for tattoo removal. Technology has evolved so that it is relatively risk-free and there is minimum pain involved in the treatment.

There are certain factors that will make some people better candidates than others. If you have fair skin and a dark or black tattoo, your results will usually be better and faster. This is because the lasers will only have to erase one color of the pigment.

The density of your tattoo will also determine the process. If the tattoo is just a singular piece; it will be easier to remove than one with many elements or styles that each need to be erased. If it’s a trickier piece, you may have to come in for a few more treatments.

Laser tattoo removal is not an exact science, but like with any other health treatment, those who are in better health to start with will ultimately have more positive results from the treatment. This is because their laser treatments work with your immune system to break own the tattoo. If you are relatively healthy, it will be easier for your body to complete this process.

What Factors Contribute to Tattoo Removal Cost

Removal time is different for everyone, but you can estimate how expensive it will cost based on a few factors. Here are a few elements that will contribute to the duration and cost of the removal process:

Number of Treatments

The more sessions that you need for removal, the more you will end up paying. Many people require 4 to 6 sessions to remove a tattoo.

The number of treatments will vary based on the coloration of the tattoo and the kind of work. We use a Pico laser designed to break down all of the pigments in the tattoo so your skin can remove them naturally.

Size of Tattoo

Bigger tattoos will usually cost more to remove, although the size of a tattoo won’t be the only factor in determining the price. A larger all-black tattoo may be less expensive to remove than a smaller one with multiple colors.

In general, though, be prepared to spend more on removing a larger tattoo. If you’re looking to reduce your financial burden, you may choose to remove your larger tattoo in segments.

Your Type of Skin

Tattoos are usually easier to remove from higher skin. If you’re fair with a dark tattoo, you’ll likely spend the least on your tattoo removal. But skin coloration isn’t the only factor that will determine how easy the treatment will be.

Factors like scarring and the condition of your skin will also determine the ease of removal.

Better Off Spa Pricing

At Better Off, we take a different approach to tattoo removal than most spas. We offer flat-free pricing based on the size and color of a tattoo. Once that fee is agreed upon, it never changes – no matter how many treatments are needed.

We recommend 4-6 sessions with 9-10 weeks in between sessions to allow for healing and maximum results. Each session will take about 2-3 minutes (for reference; if the tattoo were the size of a business card).

Our flat fees include:

  • Name removal for $750
  • Ring removal for $295
  • Eyebrow micro-blading removal $600

All other fees are based on the size and color of the tattoo.

Understanding Tattoo Removal Price

If you have a tattoo that no longer fits your lifestyle, career, or views, Better Off Med Spa can help you erase it. With our flat-fee pricing, the tattoo removal price is more affordable than ever.

There are no surprises – get in touch with one of our specialists to get started with the process.