What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated for Fat Removal?

In the United States, over 70% of adults are overweight. 

If you have some extra fat you want to remove, you are in the majority of the population. Fat removal can help you get rid of the extra pounds you want gone. 

Med spas are places where services like fat removal, cellulite removal, and even scar and tattoo removal are available. Taking advantage of modern technology and techniques to help sculpt your body can leave you feeling refreshed, more attractive, and happier. 

Fat Removal 

In the past, procedures like liposuction and cold sculpting have left people bruised, drowsy, and in pain. UltraShape Power is a new method of fat removal that uses pulses of ultrasonic sound to break up and destroy fat cells. 

Using this technique, you won’t experience the side effects of having needles shoved into your skin. You won’t have to deal with numbness, bruising, and the risks that go along with an invasive procedure. You can experience belly fat removal and then go work out if you wish. 

Targeted Fat Removal 

Everyone has a body that is unique to them. We don’t all store fat in the same place, and for some people it is easier to remove fat from one area but not another. Using UltraShape Power, you can get rid of the fat where it is most stubborn. 

1. The Abdomen 

For men and women alike, belly fat can be a real confidence killer. The wider we get in the midsection, the more noticeable our size becomes. Reducing the circumference of your stomach can help you look much better and feel better about yourself. 

Men are very vulnerable to gaining weight in their midsection, and it can be difficult to remove. The so-called beer belly is something that makes a lot of men self-conscious about removing their shirt. Flattening out your stomach will make you feel more attractive, and a sculpted appearance could get you more attention. 

2. The Hips and Flanks

A commonplace for women to gain size is in the hips, while men and women alike often have trouble with stubborn flank fat. Love handles and fatty deposits are both equal targets for the procedure in these areas, destroying fat cells and shrinking the size of your waist. 

The hips and flank fat can make us feel and look wider than we are. The stubborn nature of this fat makes it hard to remove with diet and exercise alone. Targeting this area can shrink your waistline and give you the confidence to wear what you want without feeling uncomfortable.  

3. Back Fat 

Working out and dieting is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes fat just won’t go away. Using sculpting technology, back fat removal is possible with our technique. You won’t have to worry about wearing a bathing suit or taking off your shirt. 

4. The Inner Thighs

The inner thigh area is somewhere that stubborn fat can accumulate. This is most often the case with women, as many women experience natural weight gain in this area as they age or have children. Fat here can make it embarrassing to wear a bathing suit, or make some pants not fit right. 

Having extra weight in this area can also lead to painful chafing. When the circumference of the thigh is too large, flesh rubs against flesh. This can lead to reddening of the area, as well as discomfort when walking or engaging in strenuous physical activity. 

5. The Outer Thighs

The exterior portion of the thigh is visible in any kind of bathing suit and even many shorts. Excess fat in this area can make you feel exposed and unattractive. Removing this fat will see a reduction in the circumference of your thigh, making you feel better and able to wear clothes you couldn’t before.

6. The Chest 

For men, there is nothing as embarrassing as man boobs. If you suffer from extra fat on your chest, it can make you self-conscious to go to the beach or engage in sports. This will, in turn, reduce your activity level and make it harder to lose the weight you want. 

In both men and women, fat can deposit around the pectoral and breast area, making bathing suits fit strange or giving a flattening effect to your muscle. If either of these is the case having this fat removed will give you back the self-confidence to take your shirt off or put on that bathing suit. 

Why These Areas?

These are the areas of the body where fat is most often stored. For men, it is in the stomach and chest, while women generally gain weight in the hips and backside. The technique of using ultrasonic waves to destroy this stubborn fat doesn’t damage blood vessels, nerves, or tissue other than the fat. 

These areas of the body are commonly exposed during outdoor activity. Whether you are wearing a bathing suit or taking off your shirt, everyone can see the fat deposits there. If you’re on the beaches of San Diego, California, you may feel uncomfortable in exposing too much skin. 

Having us sculpt and reduce the fat in these targeted areas makes it easier for you to get out and be active. You won’t feel embarrassed to be in public without a shirt on, or with a bathing suit on. Plus, we don’t just work on fat, but also other blemishes and marks that you may want gone. 

Your Body, Your Choice

Whether or not you are happy with your body, you can benefit from body sculpting. Fitting into that perfect pair of jeans or having a body that draws attention is all rewarding. Fat removal can help you get back to living the life you want and having the activity level will make you healthy. 

Avoiding being outside because of body-conscious issues is unhealthy for you. If you’re in the San Diego area and are interested in fat removal or any of our other services, contact Better Off. We will get you looking and feeling great.