What are Wrinkles?

As we get older, it’s normal for wrinkles to appear on the skin. Even healthy skin experiences wrinkles as a common sign of aging. There’s nothing wrong or strange about you if you develop standard wrinkles (though there are some conditions that cause excess wrinkles even when you’re in your youth). 

That said, most people fear the development of wrinkles. While they are natural, they’re a frightening part of the aging process, especially for younger women. 

But what are wrinkles anyway? What causes them, and how can you prevent (or repair) them? We want to talk about it. 

Keep reading to learn all about common causes of wrinkles and what you can do about them

First: The Natural Aging Process

It is both normal and healthy to develop wrinkles as you age. They are not a sign that you’ve done something wrong. Many people are disillusioned by social media, movies, and television due to excessive filters that remove all skin texture (including wrinkles) but most of these people also have them. 

As we get older, our body produces less collagen. It becomes more fragile and less elastic. You can notice this by pinching the tops of your hands. If your skin bounces back right away, you still have elasticity. If it doesn’t, you’re starting to lose that elasticity. 

Aging also causes less fat to sit underneath the skin. This doesn’t mean that people automatically lose body fat as they get older, but that fat is no longer creating a barrier that makes the skin look plump.

You may notice this most in children and babies who still have “baby fat” that makes their skin taut. 

As gravity takes its toll, that skin that’s no longer supported by a layer of fat begins to fall or sag, causing wrinkles. 

Sun Exposure

Did you know that UV exposure from the sun can also cause wrinkles? Anyone who’s spent a lot of time tanning outdoors or in tanning beds will likely experience wrinkles more quickly than someone who’s stayed out of the sun or worn sunscreen. 

UV light causes early wrinkling. It accelerates the aging process overall. While sunlight is important for vitamin D exposure, it can also lead to wrinkles (and worse, skin cancer). 

This happens because UV light can break down the connective tissues in your skin. Those tissues keep your skin elastic, flexible, and strong. Without them, you’ll experience sagging. 

Certain Nutritional Changes

It’s possible that poor nutrition can cause wrinkles. Refined carbs and simple sugars may lead to damage to your collagen. 

Overall, people who were assigned male at birth should have no more than 36 grams of sugar per day. People who were assigned female at birth should have no more than 25 grams of sugar per day.

The average person has 77 grams of sugar per day. 

Sleeping Styles

The way you sleep might impact the way that you develop wrinkles. 

Experts suggest that sleeping on your back is best for your overall health (although getting enough sleep is the most important factor and it will result in healthier skin). 

If you are able to get enough sleep on your back, you won’t experience the same kinds of wrinkles that stomach or side sleepers will develop. Sleeping face-down on a pillow can cause vertical lines. If the person continues to sleep this way, those lines may become permanent. 

Drugs and Alcohol

It’s common knowledge that drugs and alcohol can cause someone to look older before their time. This includes smoking tobacco and marijuana (though there is less evidence to support that vaping or consuming edible products will have the same result). 

If you smoke, you’re accelerating your aging process. This is because smoking dries out your skin and affects your collagen production. 

Alcohol is a diuretic. This means that it takes water out of your body. While this isn’t a large problem for people who live healthy lifestyles aside from the occasional night of drinking, it will cause early aging for people who drink too much alcohol. 

Wrinkle Prevention

So how do you prevent wrinkles?

While you can’t prevent wrinkles entirely, there are a few ways that you can slow down the aging process, even before you opt for wrinkle management and removal. 

First, when you need to go out into the sun, make sure to wear sunscreen. Cover your skin as much as possible if you aren’t swimming (and wear sunscreen that’s water-resistant if you are). 

Keep in mind that UV rays can penetrate glass windows, so it’s helpful to wear sunscreen any time that you’re going to be near windows. 

Eat a healthy diet that doesn’t have a lot of refined sugar. Exercise and develop a strong skincare routine. Make sure that you get enough sleep and avoid drugs and alcohol. 

Wrinkle Removal

When you already have wrinkles, you still have options if you’re unhappy with your appearance in the aging process. Our wrinkle removal, at the time of this post, is on sale for only $1,000 for 4 sessions (regularly $2,000). 

Wrinkle removal is safe and effective and you can finance it with CareCredit. 

So What Are Wrinkles? They’re Natural But Preventable

Wrinkles will happen to everyone, but you can take steps to prevent them if you know the common causes. 

What are wrinkles? They happen when your skin begins to sag due to a breakdown in collagen and a lack of supportive fat. They’re a natural part of the aging process and they’re nothing to be ashamed of.

With that in mind, it’s normal to want to remove your wrinkles. We want to help. Contact us so we can help you love your body today.