The Skin Tightening Treatment That Actually Works

Whether you’re looking for a post-pregnancy option to tighten loose skin or you’ve lost weight and want to get that sleek, smooth look back, a skin tightening treatment is the way to go. These treatments help restore your body to its youthful, contoured shape. 

The only trouble is, there are so many skin tightening treatments out there that it can be tough to figure out which to choose. Plus, many skin tightening treatments that promise to get rid of loose skin simply don’t work. 

If you’ve found yourself endlessly googling “treatment to tighten my skin,” your search is over. Let’s dive into VelaShape III, the skin tightening treatment that actually gets the job done. 

What is VelaShape III?

Body contouring procedures have been on the rise as a way of slimming down without undergoing extensive plastic surgery. These treatments are usually used for reducing the appearance of fat and cellulite in problem areas, such as: 

  • The buttocks
  • Thighs and hips
  • Love handles
  • The abdomen
  • The neck
  • The upper arms

One of the most recent technologies for getting rid of fat deposits is VelaShape III. This technology was developed to tighten the skin without involving injections or surgery. 

VelaShape III is the latest skin tightening technology for getting rid of loose skin and tightening up the body. It’s perfect for anyone wanting a non-invasive contouring technology that provides a slimming effect. 

This treatment helps tighten and remove the skin, eliminate cellulite, and get rid of unwanted fat deposits. That makes it a great option for people needing a little extra lift to get the body they’ve always wanted. 

How Does This Skin Tightening Treatment Work?

VelaShape III is a treatment that uses three different technologies to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, destroy fat deposits, and tighten the skin. The three technologies work to increase the amount of collagen in the skin while reducing laxity. 

These technologies are called IR, RF, and Mechanical Manipulation. When combined, IR, RF, and mechanical manipulation have powerful effects on the skin. 

IR Technology

IR technology, or infrared technology, is the first of the layers of technology used to blast away fat. This technology works by sending heat through the fat cells to melt and blast them away. When combined with the other technologies, the result is a lessened appearance of cellulite and a reduction in fat deposits. 

RF Technology

RF technology, or bi-polar radiofrequency technology, is combined with IR to help destroy fat cells. The radio frequencies are zapped through the skin at a depth of 15mm to target underlying fat without causing harm to the skin. 

Mechanical Manipulation

Mechanical manipulation is simply the combination of massage rollers and a pulsed vacuum on the skin. The vacuum pulls the skin towards the IR light and the RF waves while the massage rollers work out and destroy fat deposits under the skin.  

What Are the Benefits of VelaShape III?

There are many incredible benefits of VelaShape, hence why it has quickly gained popularity as a body contouring treatment. Here are a few of the main benefits of a VelaShape III treatment. 

It Blasts Cellulite

There are many different treatments for removing cellulite, but VelaShape III is one of the few that combines skin tightening, fat removal, and cellulite in one treatment. Rather than undergoing multiple skin procedures, clients can get the perfect body in just one visit. 

It’s Non-Invasive

Many people turn to botox treatments to smooth skin or to other injectables for getting the perfect body. Others undergo plastic surgery.

With VelaShape III, the treatment is completely non-invasive and non-surgical, leaving you feeling almost no discomfort.  On top of that, because there’s no harsh surgery involved, you don’t have to worry about downtime to recover from the procedure. 

It Works for All Skin Types

Not everyone is a good candidate for every type of skin treatment. However, VelaShape III is perfect for just about everyone. No matter what type of skin you have, you can achieve lasting, skin-tightening results with this treatment. 

It Has Almost No Side Effects

Many skin tightening treatments have negative side effects associated with them. Some involve a lot of pain or discomfort while others can put you at risk for burns. 

VelaShape III, in contrast, has a risk of less than 0.05% of receiving a burn. That means that you can get the treatment without worrying about unwanted or ugly side effects. 

Its Results Are Lasting

Some people report seeing results as soon as after one treatment. However, most clients undergo three treatments to get the incredible results they’re looking for.

With VelaShape III, results are fairly long-lasting. By undergoing just three simple treatments, clients are able to maintain their initial look and keep those curves they worked so hard for. 

Who Can Get VelaShape III?

The good news about VelaShape III is that it’s appropriate for anyone. It’s best for an adult who is looking to remove fat deposits, reduce the appearance of cellulite, or tighten loose skin. 

Because it’s appropriate for all skin types and has nearly no side effects associated with it, there’s no need for patients to take time off work after their treatment. 

That makes it far more accessible to busy, working individuals who don’t have time to call out of work for their treatment. Instead, they can schedule this treatment on a lunch break and return to work with no consequences. 

Take Advantage of a Game-Changing Skin Tightening Treatment

Getting rid of loose, flabby skin can seem impossible. However, with the magical skin tightening treatment VelaShape III, you can reduce cellulite and get a gorgeous sculpted body. 

If you’re ready to say goodbye to loose skin and unwanted fat deposits, it’s time to give the team at Better Off Med Spa a call. Get in touch and we’ll help you set up your own skin tightening appointment.