CBD Pain Relief & Healing Lotion Gift Set



Spoil your skin with this CBD lotion gift set. This package contains a CBD moisturizing and healing lotion,  the best CBD lotion for pain, alongside a CBD roll-on for pain relief. Both products have organic ingredients of the highest quality to ensure your body is in good hands. Hydrate and protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Our healing lotion is the best CBD lotion for pain and will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. Enjoy temporary relief from discomfort or stiffness. Our CBD lotion gift set is sulfate-free and nontoxic, crafted solely by the hands of professionals, unlike most CBD lotions. Savor the pleasant blend of citrus, coconut, and lavender aromas using the Rollin’ Releaf bottle. You deserve the absolute best CBD lotion for pain because too much pain can be, well, a real pain. You shouldn’t have to endure aches and soreness when there’s a viable solution out there! Give our beloved product a shot – it’s definitely the best CBD lotion for pain that you’ll find on the market.


  • Perfect for stiff joints and muscles
  • For individuals suffering from back pain, arthritis, sore muscles, or chronic pain
  • Ideal for individuals with chemical sensitivity or allergies


  • 100% Sulfate-free
  • Experience temporary pain relief
  • CBD Moisturizing & Healing Lotion is the best CBD lotion for pain
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Better quality ingredients than most CBD lotions


HIGHER HEALING: 2000mg of full-spectrum NANO CBD.

ROLLIN RELEAF: 1000mg of full-spectrum nano hemp extract.


HIGHER HEALING: Apply the lotion to dry, irritated skin to soften and moisturize. Apply as
needed for 24-hour hydration and protection.
ROLLIN’ RELEAF: Roll the healing treatment on and around the area of discomfort. Gently
massage into the affected area. Allow your skin to completely absorb the lotion. Repeat this
treatment up to four times a day for the initial 4-6 days.