BEYOND BELEAF – Face Tightening & Firming Elixir



BEYOND BELEAF is a face tightening cream made with all-natural ingredients untouched by harmful chemicals. BEYOND BELEAF contains a therapeutic blend of aloe vera and shea butter, elements that are rich in essential vitamins.  Bring back your skin’s beloved radiance with this miracle in a bottle — you won’t find ingredients this clean in any other firming elixir. You deserve beautiful, healthy skin at every stage of life. When using this CBD face cream, you can expect impressive, long-term results. The average CBD face cream contains harmful ingredients that can have negative effects on your skin. Our firming elixir is the perfect combination of delicate and effective. Better yet, it’s completely affordable.


    • Apply to dehydrated skin
    • Perfect for individuals with sensitive skin
    • Use twice a day for maximum results
    • Contains soothing hints of coconut, grapefruit, and shea butter


Simply apply the CBD face cream to your fingertips, gently massage it into your skin, and voilà — Say hello to smooth, healthy skin! Apply twice a day for maximum results.


1000 mg Pure CBD NANO Extract.