Is a fat removal San Diego service covered under med spa treatments?

Med spas offer non-surgical and medical esthetic treatments with the help of licensed medical professionals. These treatments are conducted in a comfortable environment, allowing for a more relaxing process.

A med spa is operated with the help of numerous medical experts with significant experience in the field. Med spa treatments are carried out professionally in a soothing environment.

Most med spa treatment centers aim to perform restorative treatments on a patient’s skin or certain parts of their body. These procedures have quite the advantage over the services you see offered in a traditional spa.

Some of these procedures include:

• Infusions
• Injections

How is a Med Spa Different from a Traditional Spa?

Traditional spas are limited in cosmetic procedures. They offer facials, manicures, and pedicures. Med spas, however, provide a wide range of treatments including:

• Micro-needling

Micro-needling induces collagen within the skin. Micro-needling therapy is performed with the help of several tiny or sterile needles that gently prick the skin’s surface. The procedure causes slight discomfort, but the results are fantastic.

The tiny punctures enhance the skin’s production of collagen. This in turn makes the skin smoother, more toned, and firmer. Better yet, the procedure helps limit disorders that occur when collagen levels are low in the skin.

Micro-needling treatment will help you to get rid of fine lines and skin sagging.

• Vitamin Infusions & Injections

People often suffer from chronic or acute vitamin deficiencies. An insufficiently of Vitamin B12 can trigger severe neurological disorders. Med spas are known to inject intramuscular vitamins that consist of B12 along with other essential elements.
This process improves the formation of nutritional vitamins within the body. With that said, these injections can hydrate the body and improve the immune system.

Other vital vitamins for the body are vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium.

• Fat Removal

Fat removal San Diego services work wonders for body fat. A popular treatment available at med spas are fat-burning injections. A common element found in these injections is Kybella, a synthetic acid.

Remarkably, this injection helps to burn excess fat, limiting the look of cellulite in the skin. When the excess fat is removed, cells in that region can no longer generate fat.