Discover The Benefits of Micro-Needling in San Diego

Micro-needling is a treatment used by dermatologists that triggers collagen production within the body.

The treatment offers a wide range of long-term benefits.

What are the Fundamental Features of Micro-Needling?

• Micro-needling procedure is a cosmetic treatment that is performed with the help of tiny needles. These needles are pricked within the skin.
• The primary objective of the treatment is to boost collagen production in the body. It helps to make the skin appear smooth and firm, while enhancing the skin tone.
• Micro-needling procedures are performed in or around the face to reduce the look of large pores, dark spots, scars, acne, and wrinkles.

What are the Advantages of Undergoing Micro-needling Treatment?

Micro-needling is catching on rapidly due to the array of benefits it offers. It helps in plumping and rejuvenating the skin without causing intense pain or discomfort. While the micro-needling treatment can be customized to fit the needs of different individuals, there is very little downtime following the procedure. Some additional benefits include:

• Reduces the visibility of acne scars or other scars
• Reduces the visibility of wrinkles or fine lines
• Reduces enlarged pores
• Reduces the visibility of dark spots or hyperpigmentation issues
• Smoothens uneven skin tone
• Enhances skin elasticity
• Reduces the visibility of any stretch marks
• Helps to accelerate hair growth among people who suffer from alopecia

The cost of micro-needling therapy is usually less when compared to laser therapies- it works effectively in case of some people. A laser therapy relies on bursts of heat or energy that can have a direct impact on the skin’s pigmentation. If your skin tone is dark, an expert is more likely to recommend you micro-needling treatment rather than laser therapy due to safety reasons.

Before undergoing a micro-needling treatment, it’s important to learn more about the procedure and its effectiveness. Micro-needling treatment helps to accelerate the process of collagen generation within your skin.

As a result, it allows the skin to generate newer, healthier tissues that help the skin appear more youthful. In some cases, micro-needling can include a combination of topical serums, platelet-rich plasma, and radiofrequency.

Are There any Risks Associated with Micro-needling?

Similar to other cosmetic procedures, a micro-needling treatment is not free from risks. One of the major side-effects of this treatment is slight skin irritation post treatment. You may also observe minor redness on your skin for a couple of days or weeks. Reach out to your medical practitioner, if you’ve experienced any of the following side effects:

• Peeling
• Bruising
• Bleeding
• Infection

The cost of micro-needling ranges anywhere between $200 and $800 for a session. However, it can vary according to the severity of your skin condition. People who are wiling to undergo light treatments will be required to pay around $150. Conduct a little research of your own to compare micro-needling San Diego prices.  

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