Permanent body modifications like tattoos are tough to remove. That being said, today’s technology has advanced and there are quite a few tattoo removal techniques, especially laser tattoo removals that can be extremely effective. These methods do not leave scars and are safe and non-invasive. The tattoo removal costs in San Diego heavily depend on many tattoo variables. The area covered by the tattoo, the location, and the quality of ink, are some of the primary elements that are to be considered before you go in for your tattoo removal sessions. So if you are interested in getting your ink erased, read on to find out how much it is going to cost you.

What are the factors that are important for the cost of the tattoo removal procedure?

As mentioned before, removing your tattoos may vary in cost depending on where you go. The newer technologies may require less sessions, and thus less costs. The average tattoo removal cost can be anywhere in the price range of $ 600 to $3,500 depending on the size and complexity of colors. The key factors are as follows.

  • The quality of the ink used: One of the biggest criteria here is the ink. The better the quality of the ink, the longer they are going to stay. Now obviously, when you got the tattoo that seemed like the best option but in reality, the lower-quality inks are easier to break down and thus require less time. Since the cost depends on the number of sessions, the quality of the ink can make the cost go up by a few dollars.
  • The age of the tattoo: Those of you who already had your tattoos for a considerable amount of time will notice that the tattoo has begun to fade in some places. This is a normal phenomenon because the longer the tattoo stays the bigger the chances of the skin stretching, shrinking, or going through changes. Thus older tattoos are easier to remove and require a lesser number of sessions than the relatively newer, brighter tattoos. Sometimes very recently done tattoos are even specifically asked to not be removed before a stipulated time.
  • The location of the tattoo: Tattoo removal involves the ink particles being broken up in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. White blood cells rush to the spot to expel the ink as well as heal the region. Thus tattoos in regions with strong blood flow, like the chest and shoulder areas, heal up quickly and requires less time. Again, if the tattoos are in areas exposed are more likely to fade faster. A tattoo on the arm is easier to remove than one on the back because even if they have been there for the same time, the one on the arm was more exposed to the sun and thus is easier and less costly to remove.
  • Size of the tattoo: The bigger the tattoo the longer it takes to be erased. This is because more surface area has to be covered. Smaller tattoos can be removed with just a few sessions but bigger tattoos take time and that adds to the bill.

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Cellulite treatment tackles the tough bands beneath the skin, erasing the look of cellulite. While the condition is harmless, many individuals seek to reduce the look of dimpled or lumpy skin in various parts of their body.

The Procedure

Cellulite removal is a minimally invasive procedure that involves a tiny laser fiber. The laser is inserted beneath the skin, breaking up the tough bands that cause the appearance of cellulite. Med spa San Diego helps to reduce cellulite from body parts and gives you fell more confident.

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is a normal process caused by the build-up of fat beneath the skin. While some are more prone to cellulite than others, there are several factors involved in the formation of cellulite. Some of which include:

  • Skin texture

  • Body type

  • Wright

  • Muscle tone

It’s possible for healthier individuals to have visible cellulite, too! The thickness of your skin also plays a role in the appearance of cellulite.

Your Go-To Cellulite Treatment San Diego

Cellulaze, an FDA-approved laser treatment, is one of the best cellulite removal techniques available today. Initially, your doctor or dermatologist injects a numbing solution into the affected area. Afterwards, the laser targets the area, reducing cellulite by up to 75% for the next year!

While there isn’t a cure for cellulite, it’s certainly treatable! Undergo the best cellulite treatment San Diego has to offer.

Are you looking forward to having healthy and smooth skin? This won’t happen if acne is a condition you are dealing with.

Acne can be a temporary condition; however, the scars left behind can be permanent. Acne scars result from the skin’s healing process, producing collagen fibers. The collagen fiber makes your skin to be pitted or raised, forming scars.

Dealing with acne scars can be very frustrating. If you don’t prevent acne scars, their presence can make you have low self-esteem and poor self-image. Besides, if you have acne, keeping your skin clear is quite impossible due to the regular occurrence of breakouts.

Luckily there are effective and reliable ways of preventing acne scars. If you already have them, there are also more reliable treatment methods that could work for you.

So, do you want to learn the various methods of preventing and eliminating acne scars? If so, you are in the right place. Here is a complete guide on preventing and what to do if you already have them.

Don’t Pop Pimples

Having pimples on your face might make you feel irritated. This might tempt you to pop or pick them out.
If you do so, you will harm your skin. As you pop the pimples, it pours all its content, such as oil and bacteria, onto your skin. This leaves an open wound that ends up being a scar after the healing process.

Not to mention the content from the popped pimple can lead to the development of more acne. If you can’t hold yourself from popping pimples, then it’s better to cover them with a bandage.

This way, your skin will heal faster and prevent more damage that could lead to scaring.

Wear Sunscreen

Sun rays can darken the scars from acne. If your type of work exposes you to sun rays for long, it’s better to wear sunscreen.

A sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 can effectively offer the required protection. Applying sunscreen daily will make the acne scars you develop less noticeable.

Besides, the sunscreen will reduce the sign of aging, making your skin healthy and smooth.

Stay Moisturized

Moisturizing your skin regularly helps it maintain a plump and healthy appearance. Regular skin moisturizing also helps with the healing process.

This means that collagen will not be overproduced or underproduced in the healing process to form scars. Besides, if acne scars were to be formed, they would be less noticeable if your skin is properly moisturized.

It’s important to limit the number of hot showers to keep your skin properly moisturized. You should also apply moisturizer at least two times a day.

Treat Your Breakouts

If you have acne, breakouts are quite common. If you don’t put such breakouts under control, then the chances of your skin scarring are very high.

To have the breakouts under control, you can use products that can target acne. You can also make changes to your lifestyle. This would involve having your pillowcases changed and cleaned regularly.

You must also ensure to stay hydrated and have enough sleep.

What to Do If You Have Acne Scars

If you already have acne scars, you should visit a dermatologist. There are several home remedies that most people try to treat acne; however, the science behind them is unclear.

If you visit your dermatologist, they will first determine the type of acne scars you have. They will then recommend the best acne scar removal option suitable for you. Some of the treatment options you might have include:


This is an acne scar treatment procedure that involves the exfoliation of the outermost layer of the skin. The exfoliated layer is then suctioned through a vacuum, eliminating dead skin cells.

This helps improve the appearance of acne scars and skin texture.

Chemical Peels

This method involves the use of acids with varying intensities to get rid of acne-causing bacteria. The acids also prevent discoloration or scarring resulting from chronic acne.

The kind of chemical peel your dermatologist will recommend will depend on your skin condition.


This method involves creating micro tunnels in the skin using fine needles. The created tunnels allow the skin to produce collagen and heal itself.

But before the micro-needling is done, a medication that targets acne must be applied first. This is done to enhance the efficacy of the medication.

However, this treatment option is suitable for plump deep scars. The procedure also helps in reducing the pore size and enhancing the skin’s texture.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

If you no longer have chronic acne, laser skin resurfacing can be a good treatment option. This treatment method gets rid of any lingering scars. A pulsed light from a laser is used in removing the top layer of skin.

This way, any lingering scars are eliminated. The laser light also stimulates the production of collagen in the dermis. This helps in rejuvenating the skin, making it firm and evenly colored.

There are two types of laser treatment. These are non-ablative and ablative. The non-ablative is less aggressive as it only heats up small columns leaving normal tissues intact. But for the ablative is more aggressive as it vaporizes even the column tissues.

However, for the best outcome when getting rid of acne scars, choose the best acne removal services. It’s always essential to deal with licensed and experienced professionals.

You Now Know How to Prevent Acne Scars 

Acne scars can make your skin less attractive, leading to a low self-image. However, this will only happen if you don’t know how to prevent acne scars from developing and what to do if they develop.

Read the above guide and learn the best ways of preventing acne scars.

Are you looking for acne scars and skin spots removal services in San Diego and the surrounding areas? At Better Off, we got you covered.

We offer high standard and integrity services to our clients who need tattoos, stubborn fat, wrinkles, acne scar, and cellulite removal services.

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Eye wrinkles: they’re a natural part of aging, but many of us find them unsightly.

If you want to prevent or get rid of eye wrinkles, you’re not alone. Many men and women try out many treatments to achieve longer-looking skin and eliminate the appearance of wrinkles.

But what approach is best? And what products should be used?

Below we include a guide explaining how to reduce eye wrinkles and how to avoid certain lifestyle factors that cause wrinkles.

Moisturize Regularly

You’ve probably noticed that dry skin appears more rough, uneven, and wrinkly. Lack of moisture around the eyes will make your wrinkles seem more noticeable.

Make sure to moisture your eyes regularly. Many products include ingredients that promote circulation. However, always opt for a cream that isn’t too heavy, as that may block the delicate skin around the eyes.

Under-eye products like gels and serums are also great options to reduce the appearance of fine lines.


Just like any other part of your skin’s surface, dead skin cells building up under your eyes can make wrinkles form and seem larger than they are.

Gentle exfoliation will help to create a smoother appearance. But because the eyes are a sensitive area, you’ll need to be gentle.

Use an eye cream that has a chemical exfoliant. A physical exfoliant like a scrub will be too strong for the fragile skin around the eyes.

Another way to exfoliate the skin is by getting a chemical peel, an exfoliation procedure that is completed by a professional. A chemical peel can also remove the skin’s top layer to make fine lines seem less noticeable.

Avoid Sun Exposure

The sun is one of the number one contributors to aged skin. You can help protect your skin from lines by minimizing exposure to UV rays.

And some of the best eye wrinkle care you can give yourself is to always wear an SPF of at least 30 when you’re outside – even if it’s not sunny.

When you’re in direct sunlight for several hours, bring a hat and sunglasses for eye wrinkle protection. Sunglasses will also help because they will prevent you from squinting, a facial expression that can create wrinkles.

Use Topical Vitamins

Topical Vitamin C is found in many creams and serums. It’s used to plump and hydrate the under-eye area to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

According to a 2020 study, a combination of squalene and vitamin C increased epidermal thickness and collagen III. This collagen helps the skin become more elastic and hydrated.

Another topical skin treatment for wrinkles is retinoids, which are derived from vitamin A. Retinoids help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin. They neutralize radicals on the skin that could among collagen.

Retinoids have even been shown to strengthen the skin’s protective functions and slow down the process of collagen breakdown.

Eat a Balanced Diet

But the vitamins like Vitamin C, A, and E that are found in skincare products should also be consumed in your diet for healthier skin. By making sure you’re getting enough of these vitamins, your skin will form healthier new cells.

Make sure your diet is filled with lots of fruits and leafy greens. And reducing processed foods or those with high artificial sugar content will reduce inflammation and make your skin appear brighter and firmer.

Try Acids

Using acids on your skin may sound scary at first – but we’re talking about products like peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Peptides are amino acids that make up protein within your body, especially those needed by the skin. They help boost collagen.

Collagen molecules aren’t absorbed into the skin easily but peptides are. They penetrate the top layer of the skin, which allows them to improve the skin barrier and make wrinkles less prominent.

Hyaluronic acid is another treatment that will give your skin structure and plumpness. It can bind up to 1000 times its weight in water.

This means that it will hold water molecules onto your skin’s surface, keeping it moisturized.

Cosmetic Procedure: PicoWay Laser

For the most radical results, we recommend professional eye wrinkle treatment. Better Off Med Spa offers wrinkle removal services with our PicoWay laser.

The laser works by removing any damaged skin cells. It sends alerts to your body that the damaged skin cells are removed, so the body responds by procuring more collage.

The body then naturally replaces skin cells while producing a higher level of collagen. This will restore the youthful glow of our skin.

Even those without discoloration or marks can benefit from facial laser treatment. In addition to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, it will make skin elasticity stronger than before and give skin a smoother appearance.

We recommend multiple laser treatments to achieve the best results. The number of treatments will depend on your age, skin type, and the wrinkles or imperfections that you’d like to remove.

Some people may go for regular treatments to keep wrinkles at bay, while others may just go occasionally when they find that wrinkles are too noticeable for their liking.

Most people will notice a difference following just one treatment. The laser will excite the skin to produce collagen right away.

The Picoway laser is a great choice for your skin because it’s non-invasive and therefore a less aggressive form of facial treatment. Since it works with your boy naturally, you’ll be able to go about your day normally after treatment and feel natural results.

Reduce Eye Wrinkles Naturally

Whether you have noticeable wrinkles that you’d like to remove or you just want to improve the elasticity of your skin, facial laser treatment will provide the rejuvenated feel that you’re looking for.

Look younger and feel more confident after our PicoWay laser treatment helps to reduce eye wrinkles. Contact one of our specialists to learn more!

Over the past several decades, the body positivity movement has been urging everyone to come to a place of self-acceptance with their appearance.

It sounds simple enough until you’re in front of the mirror noticing pockets of cellulite. It’s a normal issue many people face — around 80 to 90% of women have cellulite (men have it too).

Despite how common it is, it often stands in the way when you’re trying to rock your body with confidence.

Luckily, you can treat cellulite so that you can love your body. Keep reading to answer the question “what is cellulite?” and what you can do about it.

What is Cellulite?

Before discussing how to treat it, you should first understand what it is.

The appearance of cellulite comes from collections of fat beneath your skin. It’s a type of subcutaneous fat that looks textured and dimpled on your stomach, thighs, and butt. 

It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the amount of fat your body carries, as both thin and robust people notice these skin issues. 

While there are no inherent health risks with cellulite, this cosmetic condition can lead to an increased sense of embarrassment and shame. 

For example, one study found that women with cellulite rated themselves as less attractive than women without it. 97% of these women also said they would change it if they could.

What Causes Cellulite?

As previously mentioned, cellulite is a result of the body’s need to store fat.

This biological function is necessary for storing energy and shielding organs. Fat also aids the body in nutrient absorption and hormone production. 

When the body stores fat, the fibers that attach fat and skin can pull tightly, stretch out, or break down. This causes cells of fat to press against the skin, creating the appearance of cellulite.

That said, it tends to present itself more as you age due to decreased collagen production. Collagen is the protein attributed to giving skin a supple structure, which is why wrinkles and cellulite appear more as people get older.

Additional factors that may contribute to cellulite include:

  • Age
  • Blood vessels and blood flow
  • Gender
  • Genetics
  • Distribution of fat throughout the body
  • Hormones
  • Hydration
  • Metabolic rates
  • Pregnancy
  • Sedentary lifestyles

As you can see, cellulite can come from a wide array of controllable and uncontrollable factors.

How Cellulite Affects Body Image

It’s important to note here that there is nothing wrong with having cellulite. It’s natural and extremely common.

That said, there is something wrong with having a negative body image.

Negative Body Image

Although it may seem like a superficial issue at first, the effects of having a negative body image lead to negative changes in a person’s lifestyle. Due to being embarrassed about cellulite, people may hide behind clothes or feel anxious about being naked around others.

Negative body image can also coincide with:

  • Anxiety
  • Avoidant tendencies in social settings
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders/unhealthy eating patterns
  • Lack of confidence
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poor career and academic ability

This isn’t to say that having cellulite causes any of these things. Rather, cellulite can lead to having a negative body image, which can lead to other health issues.

Positive Body Image

If you experience any of the previously mentioned issues, it’s important to start the process of regaining body positivity.

Having a positive body image isn’t just about liking the way you look. It’s about accepting your body so that you can respect it and take proper care of it.

After all, your body is the vessel that carries you through this life and allows you to do everything that you do. By taking care of it, you are giving yourself the gift of a satisfying life.

Some people may be able to find acceptance of cellulite without treatment. While this is great, it’s not always an option for everyone.

It’s normal to have trouble getting past fat issues, which is why cellulite treatment can be extremely helpful.

Cellulite Treatment

If cellulite affects the way you feel about your body, it will also affect the choices you make and how you live your life.  

In the case that it affects your quality of life, you may want to consider treating it so that you can begin to feel good in your skin.

Cellulite Removal Options

Because cellulite troubles many people, a wide variety of treatment options are available.

Laser treatment, fillers, carbon dioxide, cellulite cream or lotion, and deep tissue massage are some of the common methods. When considering treatment options, it’s important to choose something that’s proven to be safe and successful.

This is why you should choose the non-invasive technology of VelaShape III, as it’s the best option on the market.

VelaShape III is an FDA-approved approach that uses bi-polar radio frequency and optical energies to target problem areas. This combination targets both the dermis and the hypodermis.

In layman’s terms, VelaShape III treats cellulite with heat and a vacuum. There’s little to no discomfort, zero downtime, and the treatment sessions are short.

Results are often seen from only one treatment, without any chemicals or needles, making it a safe, comfortable, and successful option. 

Love Your Body

Now that you know the answer to “what is cellulite?”, you can choose to reclaim your body positivity and start feeling good in your skin.

Treat your cellulite with the safe technology of VelaShape III to gain confidence without sacrificing safety, comfort, or time.

Book your treatment with us today.

Tattoos: chances are, you love them or hate them.

If you’re one of the 30% of Americans who has a tattoo, you may be happy with your decision and love looking at your tattoo. But for many others, their tattoo is a sign of something they regret.

Luckily, having a tattoo now doesn’t mean you’ll have it forever. Advances in laser technology make it possible for most people to get a tattoo removed.

Curious about tattoo removal price? The following guide explains how to remove a tattoo and what to expect during the tattoo removal process.

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for tattoo removal. Typically, this answer varies from person to person. In general, though, you can expect to pay between $200 to $500 per treatment.

However, certain spas may have different pricing models. Later in our article, we’ll explain why the Better Off Med Spa treatment process may be a more affordable choice for your tattoo removal.

How Removal Works

Before the procedure, a topical numbing agent will be applied to the target area. This will ensure that the process is relatively painless.

Next, the PicoWay laser will deliver energy with its precise high-power laser. Energy will be delivered in short pulses to target ink particles with the greatest impact.

Pulses from the laser will shatter the tattoo ink into minuscule particles. Working with the immune system, the body will remove them.

Pain Level

It’s common to wonder, “Does tattoo removal hurt?”

Removing a tattoo is usually relatively painless, but it can’t be guaranteed to be pain-free. Just like you experienced discomfort while getting your tattoo, your body will experience some discomfort when having it removed.

The laser hitting the tattoo ink in pico-seconds causes a snapping and momentary discomfort.

Your skin may be extra tender and red the day you receive treatment. Usually, your skin will go back to normal within 24 hours of treatment. Since there are no wounds on the skin, there’s no healing process.

The next 6-8 weeks will start to show results to the area.

Who is a Good Candidate for Laser Tattoo Removal?

Most people with tattoos are good candidates for tattoo removal. Technology has evolved so that it is relatively risk-free and there is minimum pain involved in the treatment.

There are certain factors that will make some people better candidates than others. If you have fair skin and a dark or black tattoo, your results will usually be better and faster. This is because the lasers will only have to erase one color of the pigment.

The density of your tattoo will also determine the process. If the tattoo is just a singular piece; it will be easier to remove than one with many elements or styles that each need to be erased. If it’s a trickier piece, you may have to come in for a few more treatments.

Laser tattoo removal is not an exact science, but like with any other health treatment, those who are in better health to start with will ultimately have more positive results from the treatment. This is because their laser treatments work with your immune system to break own the tattoo. If you are relatively healthy, it will be easier for your body to complete this process.

What Factors Contribute to Tattoo Removal Cost

Removal time is different for everyone, but you can estimate how expensive it will cost based on a few factors. Here are a few elements that will contribute to the duration and cost of the removal process:

Number of Treatments

The more sessions that you need for removal, the more you will end up paying. Many people require 4 to 6 sessions to remove a tattoo.

The number of treatments will vary based on the coloration of the tattoo and the kind of work. We use a Pico laser designed to break down all of the pigments in the tattoo so your skin can remove them naturally.

Size of Tattoo

Bigger tattoos will usually cost more to remove, although the size of a tattoo won’t be the only factor in determining the price. A larger all-black tattoo may be less expensive to remove than a smaller one with multiple colors.

In general, though, be prepared to spend more on removing a larger tattoo. If you’re looking to reduce your financial burden, you may choose to remove your larger tattoo in segments.

Your Type of Skin

Tattoos are usually easier to remove from higher skin. If you’re fair with a dark tattoo, you’ll likely spend the least on your tattoo removal. But skin coloration isn’t the only factor that will determine how easy the treatment will be.

Factors like scarring and the condition of your skin will also determine the ease of removal.

Better Off Spa Pricing

At Better Off, we take a different approach to tattoo removal than most spas. We offer flat-free pricing based on the size and color of a tattoo. Once that fee is agreed upon, it never changes – no matter how many treatments are needed.

We recommend 4-6 sessions with 9-10 weeks in between sessions to allow for healing and maximum results. Each session will take about 2-3 minutes (for reference; if the tattoo were the size of a business card).

Our flat fees include:

  • Name removal for $750
  • Ring removal for $295
  • Eyebrow micro-blading removal $600

All other fees are based on the size and color of the tattoo.

Understanding Tattoo Removal Price

If you have a tattoo that no longer fits your lifestyle, career, or views, Better Off Med Spa can help you erase it. With our flat-fee pricing, the tattoo removal price is more affordable than ever.

There are no surprises – get in touch with one of our specialists to get started with the process.

We all want smooth, even, flawless skin. But for many men and women, their quest for beautiful skin is beset by dark spots. These patches, known as melasma, affect about 3.5% of the population and are more common in women than men. 

Dark spots on the face can be particularly distressing, but don’t worry. There are things that you can do to get rid of them.

Join us as we explore what causes them and how to get rid of dark spots.

What Causes Dark Spots?

Dark spots, also called pigmented lesions or melasma, are usually brown patches on white skin. A build-up of pigmentation on people with black and brown skin also causes dark spots.

Whatever your skin tone, what causes dark spots is:

  • Exposure to the sun
  • Hormonal changes
  • Genetic reasons
  • Some skincare products

Dark spots are very common and many people, especially women, will develop them at some point in their lives. Most commonly, they are found on the face and forearms. That’s no surprise as these are the parts of our bodies that get the most sun exposure. 

Dark spots that occur due to hormonal reasons may fade on their own. For example, some women develop this condition during pregnancy. It’s so common that it’s sometimes called the mask of pregnancy.

Usually, in these cases, no treatment is needed. It will resolve once your hormones have returned to normal after pregnancy.

Other hormonal causes of dark spots on your face could include:

  • Thyroid diseases
  • PCOS
  • Menopause
  • Hormonal birth control.

The best way of removing these kinds of dark spots, is by resolving the underlying hormonal imbalances.

Who Is At Risk?

Anyone can be at risk of developing dark spots, although it’s much less common in men. Genetic factors can play a part, as can lots of sun exposure. As is always recommended in SoCal; it’s good to cover up or wear sunscreen when going outside.

Dark spots occur more commonly in women over the age of 50. However, people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s can also develop dark spots due to sun exposure.

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots

When thinking about how to get rid of dark spots, most people’s first choice is medicated creams. One popular choice is a topical medication called hydroquinone.

This can help to lighten the appearance of dark spots, but it may cause side effects. These include: dry skin, further discoloration, burning, and inflamed skin. 

Your doctor or dermatologist may also recommend other topical treatments. They can also rule out other conditions, which may look like melasma at first. They may prescribe corticosteroids and other stronger treatments to try to even out your skin tone.

How Laser Treatment Works

Creams may help, but one of the most effective treatments for dark spot removal is laser treatment.

The PicoWay Resolve laser treatment is a cutting-edge, FDA-approved, laser treatment for sun damage. It works by sending ultrashort laser pulses beneath the skin. Sessions take only 10-15 minutes. 

The laser works by shattering the build-up of pigment beneath the surface of the skin. The body’s natural healing processes then take over. They remove these minuscule particles of pigment, giving a lighter appearance to the skin.

After the treatment, the skin will initially become darker. Then the lesion will crust over and shed. Within a couple of weeks of a single treatment, you can expect to see results. 

For most people, a single facial dark spot treatment, or maybe two, is all they need to see a huge improvement in the evenness of their skin tone. During your personal assessment, we will evaluate whether one or two sessions are needed. 

The practitioners are experienced, well-trained nurse practitioners. They are fully certified laser technicians.

Using the advanced technology of the PicoWay Resolve system, they are able to target only the dark spots. The surrounding skin is not affected by the treatment. This means that there is very little downtime after a treatment session.

Benefits of Laser Treatment for Dark Spot Removal

Unlike other treatments that may take a long time to work, dark spot removal with lasers is fast.

The lasers target the pigmentation itself. The body then plays its part by removing the shattered pigmentation and healing the affected area. Results are visible within a couple of weeks.

It also fits with your busy lifestyle. With other chemical or abrasive treatments, there may be long periods of downtime after a treatment. With laser treatment, you can return to work or get on with other activities right away.

Another great benefit is that you are not tied into a long series of treatments. Just one or a maximum of two treatment sessions are needed to achieve great results. 

The procedure is also very comfortable. There is very little or no pain involved. The only expected side effect is some minor redness at the treatment site. 

Choose Better Off for Dark Spot Removal

We understand that many women out there are grappling with how to get rid of dark spots. Creams and serums can help, but for fast results, laser treatments are the way to go. 

At Better Off, we understand the science of treating dark spots. The PicoWay Resolve laser technology we use in our med spa eliminates the build-up of pigmentation beneath the surface of the skin. Just one or two treatments are usually all that you need!

Call us today on (760) 452-2722. Alternatively, fill out our online form and we’ll get in touch very soon!

You dream of confidently wearing a bikini on the beach. So you scope out the perfect suit, order it, and wait in anticipation until it comes. The day it comes, you hurry to try it on only to feel your heart drop with disappointment.

You look nothing like the model on the beach. Cellulite has robbed you of happiness and that moment of perfection on the sand.

Not to worry. A simple cellulite removal treatment can solve this problem along with a few others. Everyone knows that a cellulite removal treatment will remove the unsightly dimples, but few know about the hidden benefits of this procedure. 

Keep reading to learn about all of the good things that a cellulite removal treatment leads to. 

Cellulite Removal Treatment Procedure

To fully understand the benefits of cellulite removal options, you first need to understand how cellulite removal works. 

Basic cellulite reduction may take more than single treatment, but it does not require months upon months of visits. Furthermore, most treatments do not require surgical procedures. Rather; many clinics offering cellulite treatments use non-invasive, virtually painless technology. 

In short, a technician uses a massage device to break apart cellulite that sits beneath the skin. As the cellulite breaks apart, the body naturally absorbs it. 

In the end, you walk away with smoother skin and more confidence than ever. Even a single treatment in some cases can show results. Sometimes you will need a few treatments for the desired effect, but regardless, the treatments do work. 

Benefits of a Cellulite Removal Treatment

Now that you understand how cellulite removal treatment works, you can better understand the myriad of benefits that come from such a minor and simple procedure. Here are how you can benefit from cellulite removal. 

1. Improved Appearance

The most obvious benefit is the most desired benefit. Cellulite creates a dimpled skin appearance, mostly on thighs and buttocks. The dimpling comes from the fat of the cellulite that sits beneath the surface of your skin. 

When the massage therapy breaks down the fat deposits, then the dimpling goes away. No larger deposits of fat means no unsightly dimples but rather just smooth, desirable skin. 

2. Improved Blood Flow

Massage therapy as a whole increases blood flow and relaxes muscle. Thus, it only makes sense that cellulite treatment, which requires massage, increases blood flow. 

As your blood begins to flow more freely, the blood will deliver more oxygen throughout your body. The fat deposits of cellulite will reduce blood flow because of the larger deposits in the area. As the treatment breaks up the fat, blood begins to flow more freely. 

Furthermore, cellulite can trap fluids under the skin. Without the larger deposits of fat the fluid can drain more easily. Thus cellulite removal becomes ore than just an aesthetic treatment but also a self-care and skin care regimen. 

3. Makes Exercise More Appealing

When you look good, you’re less intimidated by exercise. Experts state that women will hesitate to exercise because they’re thinking about how they look as they exercise. They worry about their cellulite jiggling and people watching them exercise. 

If you don’t have cellulite, you don’t have to worry about people seeing it jiggle. 

A basic cellulite treatment leads to more toned, smoother skin. Furthermore, you may retain some elasticity in your skin. As the fat breaks up with cellulite removal treatments, you will be left with toned muscles. 

People will see the hard work you do because cellulite no longer disguises it. You won’t be afraid to push yourself in the gym because you’ll have a body that looks like you exercise regularly. 

4. Boosts Confidence

With your reduced cellulite comes a big boost in confidence. Attractive people tend to have more confidence than those who perceive themselves as unattractive. Cellulite removal can give you that boost of confidence you need. 

With your boosted confidence comes new risks. Maybe there’s a job that you’ve wanted to take a stab at for a while. have less cellulite will give you the confidence you need to seek after what you want. 

5. Encourages a New Wardrobe

For good or for bad, when you lose weight, you have to purchase a new wardrobe. While cellulite removal won’t lead to a size change, it will change to a style change. 

No longer do you have to wear knee-length skirts and shorts to cover cellulite-laden thighs. Rather, you can try those short shorts and skirts. You can push the fashion limit because you have the body to do so. 

6. Creates a New Shape

Cellulite removal treatments will remove the dimples and create new shapes. People who get cellulite removal treatments have a shaped belly, thighs, butt, and arms. Their “problem areas” are no longer a problem because your treatment dislocated the fat deposits and accelerated fat melting. 

7. Boosts Energy

More confidence in a newer shape logically leads to a boost in energy. But there’s more. The actual cellulite removal treatment will flush out the toxins that have accumulated over time. 

Furthermore, if you have swollen legs or edema, the message treatment will unclog the tissue. Your water retention will go away quickly with a cellulite removal treatment. 

Cellulite Removal Treatment Made Simple 

Cellulite removal treatment does more than smooth out the dimples on your problem areas. It’s a relaxing spa treatment that helps melt away both fat and cares. You’ll experience increased blood flow and sense more confidence. 

Furthermore, you’ll have renewed energy and just a healthier, more attractive body. In short, cellulite removal treatment is a spa treatment that will help the client relax and enjoy the process as well as the results. 

Are you looking for the best of the best in body reshaping? We can help. 

We make a pledge to each customer we serve. We promise to deliver both service and integrity. We also stay focused o your health and your needs, responding quickly and stating our opinions honestly. 

If you’re in need of some cellulite removal, contact us today. We have the equipment and experience that will help take care of your stress while helping you look good in the process.

In the United States alone, there are over 11,000 dermatologists who are active in seeing and assisting patients. 

There are even more trained technicians who work in the skincare field, and they can help with a wide variety of services. Laser scar removal is a growing field because of the irritation, self-consciousness, and pain that scars can cause. Even scars thought unfixable like acne scars are now treatable. 

If you have scars you want to be removed, what should you look for before deciding one where to go to have the procedure done? Like all medical procedures you want to be careful. 

1. No Scar is Fully Gone 

An important thing to remember when dealing with laser acne scar removal is that the scar doesn’t vanish. Scar removal is more akin to replacing one scar with another, only the second scar is a lot harder to see. There is no magical property of a laser that allows it to completely recompose damaged skin. 

The acne scarring that you’ve suffered will become far less noticeable than it was before. The ability to hide scars and make them less obvious, is where laser operations excel. It is an important distinction that you have to keep in mind, there is no 100% cure for scarring, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek help if you want it. 

2. Results Will Vary 

Not everyone has the same result when they have acne scar removal. The best results depend on the person who is doing the removal procedure. Their skill and understanding of the process will determine how effective your treatment is. 

It is for this reason that you should always seek out a trained medical professional. You don’t want to risk having someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, operate on you. The results can be even worse than they were before, so it is important to have a professional. 

A nurse practitioner or a certified dermatologist are the best options in this case. They can help make sure that you get the most out of your procedure. They will also be able to help you in other ways, understanding the risk and alternative possibilities. 

3. Consultation 

You should always have a consultation with the professional that you intend to use. You don’t want to leave any questions unanswered, this is a serious medical procedure. Make sure that you are getting the service you need, and that all your concerns get dealt with. 

A consultation is also when you need to be honest with your medical provider. Tell them if you have any underlying conditions or if you smoke. Let them know what medications you are on so that they can have all the information they need to get the best results possible. 

You also need to be honest with your expectations. Share with your doctor or practitioner what you expect to get out of the process, and what you’re looking for. They can advise you on what to expect and the most common results. 

4. Stay Out of the Sun 

You may not be aware, but if you show up with a suntan or sunburn, the procedure will not work. You can not have a laser operation done if you are currently suffering from sunburns or have damaged skin. But it isn’t just before the operation that you need to be careful. 

Once you have a laser operation done to your skin, you need to protect the area in every way that you can. Sunscreen alone isn’t going to be enough. Stay out of the sun and in the shade as much as possible to prevent any discoloration or damage to the operation site. 

5. Treatment vs Procedure 

Acne laser scar removal is only one of the treatment options to deal with acne scarring. Depending on the severity of the scarring, there are other acne scar treatment removal options that can work hand in hand with laser removal. These include other options like fillers to reduce the size of the scars. 

Make sure that you speak with your clinician about what to expect and what other methods they would suggest. The more effort and time you put into scar removal, the more successful the results will be. 

6. It may take Multiple Treatments

Besides the other options on the table, your scar removal may require more than a single laser treatment. A lot will depend on how your skin takes to the procedure, how big of an area is treated and how severe the scars are. If you have severe acne scarring, you might expect a second treatment. 

Don’t let this get you down, it is a normal part of scar removal. Of course, we all wish that results would occur in everyone in only a single treatment, but that isn’t realistic. 

7. Be Patient

Laser acne scar removal treatment doesn’t make a full impact until months after the procedure was done. This is due to how the skin heals and how the scars are mitigated by the presence of other scars. To see your full results, you might be waiting for several months. 

It is common for the process to take up to months before you even begin to notice a big change. This can be frustrating, but there’s no way around it. It takes time for the body to recover from the procedure and the full impact of your scar removal to be apparent. 

Removing Your Acne Scar

Often an acne scar can remind us of a more painful time in our lives. Every time you look into the mirror you may find yourself focusing not on how good you look, but how prominent the scars on your face are. You don’t have to suffer like this any longer, you can get the help that you need. 

If you are in the San Diego area and want a place where you can get scar removal and relief from the stigma they bring, contact us. Better Off Med Spa is committed to getting the maximum benefits for our clients. 

‘I can’t wait to get wrinkles!’, said no man or woman ever!

The fact is; that the effects of the sun, the environment, and let’s face it, time, eventually catches up with all of us. But don’t despair, laser wrinkle removal works, and it could be a great solution for you!

Of course, to make a balanced decision, it’s always good to weigh up the pros and cons.

So join us as we take a closer look at exactly what are the pros and cons of laser wrinkle removal.

How Laser Wrinkle Removal Works

The PicoWay Resolve laser is a market leader for skin rejuvenation.

It works by stimulating the body’s own healing processes to repair your skin. The ultrashort laser pulses removed damaged skin cells. This sets in motion a process called neocollagenesis. 

Collagen is what keeps your skin plump and firm. The process of neocollagenesis stimulates the body to produce new collagen. By targeting certain areas with a laser, you benefit from increased collagen right where you want it!

This process helps to restore the smoothness of the skin and help it regain elasticity. It also works well for skin marks and discoloration.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This will depend on your personal circumstances. Factors include: age, skin issues, and the depth of your wrinkles. 

You will likely begin to see a difference after your first treatment. After 4 treatments, there should be a very noticeable improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

The Pros of Laser Wrinkle Removal

Everyone would love to see an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that develop as we age. What are the advantages of laser wrinkle removal compared with other treatments?

It Works

The first pro of laser wrinkle removal is that it actually works.

It works by harnessing the body’s natural ability for healing. The body supplies the building blocks – the collagen proteins, which naturally plump out the wrinkles. This creates a smooth, natural glow that you cannot beat. 

It’s Quick

Can you really see improvements in just 40 minutes of treatment?

With laser wrinkle removal you can. Just four sessions of a minimum of ten minutes are all you need to start to see a real difference.

No need to take time off work! You can even schedule appointments during your lunch break. 

No Downtime

This form of wrinkle removal involves no downtime. No painful peels with long recovery treatments. No irritation from abrasion treatments.

The treatments take ten to fifteen minutes per session. You will need a minimum of four treatments. Depending on the condition of your skin, you may need more to gain the most benefit.

After the treatment, a cool washcloth or cold compress will be applied to the treated area to soothe and cool it. After that, a soothing cream called ‘A Soothing Touch’ helps to minimize any further discomfort.

Most people find that discomfort post-treatment is rare. Those who have a little discomfort find it fades within an hour.

Then you’re free to go about the rest of your day in complete comfort, with minimal disruption to your schedule!

Works on More Than Just Wrinkles

An amazing benefit of laser skin treatments is that they don’t just help with wrinkles. 

The California sun can lead to dark spots and uneven skin pigmentation developing. A course of laser skin treatments can help dark spots to fade away. It can even out your skin tone, giving a more balanced appearance. 

Laser skin treatments can even work on scars, such as acne scars and surgical scars! It can also reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. 

The Cons of Laser Wrinkle Removal

It’s clear that laser skin treatments are some of the best wrinkle solutions out there. But do these anti-aging treatments come with some drawbacks? Let’s take a look at a few cons of laser wrinkle removal. 

Increased Sensitivity to the Sun

After the treatment, your skin will be more sensitive to the powerful UV rays of the sun. So we recommend that you always wear sunscreen after treatment.

Actually in southern California, this is good practice all of the time to protect your skin from sun damage.

Results May Not Be Immediate

Some people may notice a difference after the first session. However, this type of wrinkle removal works by harnessing your body’s natural healing processes. That means that it can take time for you to see the difference.

Don’t despair if this is true in your case. Wait until you have had all four treatments. Then you will doubtless see the results you were looking for. 

Possible Skin Irritation

Many clients find that there is very little skin irritation after PicoWay Laser wrinkle treatments. However, in some cases, clients may develop redness, itching, or temporary bruising at the treatment site.

Also; areas that were pigmented may also appear discolored for short while. It is expected that these symptoms will all resolve within a week. 

Choose Better Off for Laser Wrinkle Removal!

Laser wrinkle removal allows you to enjoy smoother skin without the need for painful surgery!

You can roll back the years by harnessing the restorative power of your own body. With extra collagen in the targeted areas, your skin will feel full and glow.

At Better Off, we’re ready and waiting to put together a treatment plan that’s right for you. Our licensed medical practitioners will provide a thorough consultation. They’ll discuss treatment options and goals.

Rest assured, the PicoWay Laser treatment is non-invasive and comfortable. 

Call us on (760) 452-2722 or contact us online for more details!