Benefits of Using a Non-Invasive Fat Removal Service

Between 2013 and 2016, almost 50% of Americans reported that they had tried to lose weight. Fat removal techniques are not always the easiest. 

Some of the more common methods that people have used to try and lose weight were decreasing the amount of calories ingested and exercising more. Along those lines, just under half of all Americans were obese.

Excess weight can impact one’s self-esteem and cause serious health concerns. If you have tried every method in the book but just aren’t seeing the results, it might be time to look elsewhere. 

You don’t have to turn to surgical methods for fat removal. Keep reading on to learn more about non-invasive techniques for weight loss. 

Invasive Fat Removal

Before diving into why non-invasive body sculpting techniques are becoming the go-to route for fat removal, it is important to discuss the risks of invasive procedures. Prior to recent advances, this used to be the method that physicians picked for helping patients lose weight. 

The most common technique that people think of when they picture fat removal is likely liposuction. This procedure sounds exactly as it is named. It uses a suctioning tool to remove fat from areas such as the buttocks, abdomen, hips, and thighs. 

Liposuction’s focus is removing fat cells in the areas it is targeting. It doesn’t remove cellulite or stretch marks.

To have liposuction, you have to be put under anesthesia. That alone presents its own risks. Because this is a surgical procedure, there are also higher risks for bleeding. 

There are additional complications to liposuction, including:

  • Skin irregularities 
  • Increased fluid
  • Nerve irritation
  • Infection
  • Organ puncture
  • Fat embolism

UltraShape Body Sculpting

What is UltraShape Power body sculpting? It uses ultrasound for weight loss and removing fat. It is typically used on the abdomen and buttocks or hips. However, it is also used on the back and chest such as in the case of gynecomastia. 

The benefit of UltraShape Power is that it is non-invasive and does not require any sort of anesthesia. It also only takes around one hour and there is no recovery time – you can walk right back out of the appointment without significant bruising or discomfort. 

You might wonder if it just reduces the fat cells or actually destroys them. UltraShape Power works by destroying fat cells in the targeted area. Once the fat cells are destroyed, the breakdown of the cells – triglycerides – flow into the bloodstream where they encounter the liver. 

Your liver will process these triglycerides and you will naturally dispose of them. Because these fat cells are destroyed, it puts you less at risk of developing new ones, especially with the implementation of a healthy diet and exercise. 

Procedure and Cost

As mentioned previously; the average time that an UltraShape Power session takes is around one hour. During this time, your qualified physician typically places a belt around your abdomen before using an ultrasound wand to target the areas of fat removal. 

How deep do the ultrasound waves go? Typically, these waves penetrate approximately one and a half centimeters deep. No incision is required during this process.

Only the ultrasound gel is used during this technique. Afterward, there is no recovery time needed at the clinic. You can leave right away without any side effects.

During the procedure, you might feel some warmness but that should be it. You can also rest easy knowing that your blood vessels and muscles are not in harm’s way with this technique. In fact – it has been approved by the FDA since 2016.

Most recommendations suggest three separate treatments. Each treatment should have a minimum of two weeks between them. Many people state that they start seeing results after the first treatment. 

The cost of UltraShape Power depends on the clinic and region of the country you receive it in. Based on the 2016 reports, the cost of UltraShape Power was just under $1,500 for each treatment

This cost might change based on added fees. You should ask for a quote before getting started to see how much it will cost you. Keep in mind – these procedures are not covered by your insurance. 

Non-Invasive Studies

You have read about the newest tool to use for non-invasive fat removal, but what do the studies show? One study examined multiple types of non-invasive techniques to see how effective they actually were. 

What they found was that they positively affected body sculpting and removing fat. Some of the techniques also removed cellulite at the same time. 

On average, there was a two to four-centimeter improvement following these procedures. 


Most people have concerns regarding cellulite. For instance – liposuction targets fat cells but not cellulite. So, are there other techniques out there that can also get rid of that stubborn cellulite?

The answer is – yes!

Better yet, these tools are also non-invasive. The VelaShape III uses more advanced technology to highlight areas of cellulite and fat deposits for removal. Like the UltraShape Power procedure, you can leave the clinic right away without any pain or discomfort. 

New Body

Find your new body today – or regain your old one – by opting for a non-invasive fat removal procedure. Not only is this a safe tool to use, but it offers amazing results in just a couple of weeks. 

UltraShape Power works to eliminate areas of excess fat and contour your body. In conjunction with an effective weight loss strategy – the fat cells are destroyed so that you don’t have to worry about immediate weight gain. 

Contact us today and let one of our staff members set you up with a consult with one of our skilled health practitioners.