7 Types of Wrinkles and What to do About Them

Did you know that the global skincare products market is $134.8 billion?

Skincare innovations made it possible for us to take better care of our skin health. However, it can still be difficult to accept that you’re getting wrinkles.

Whether it’s from stress or old age, seeing them can cause distress or insecurity. This often prompts you to find ways to start removing wrinkles.

Notice a new wrinkle on your skin?

This article covers the most common types of wrinkles. After that, you’ll learn some tips related to wrinkle removal. Read on and arm yourself with knowledge:

1. Expression Lines

People also call this type of face wrinkles dynamic lines. Facial muscles are different from the muscles found in the rest of the body. The former attach themselves to the skin tissue while the latter connects to the bones.

Whenever you smile or frown, the muscles underneath the skin will contract and expand. This will cause it to form temporary creases. Over time, it also makes expression lines appear.

Repeating these expressions as time progresses will deepen the creases. It also makes the facial fixtures more permanent. This takes the form of fine lines between your brows, as well as crow’s feet in your eyes’ outer corners.

You must also look out for the laugh lines around your mouth. Regardless, expression lines will add more character to your face. However, it’s understandable that you’d like to plump how they look.

To avoid forming expression lines too early, look for skincare products that make your skin more elastic. Some great examples of these include botanical peptides or hibiscus. If you use these products, you’ll have plumper, wrinkle-free skin.

2. Elastic Wrinkles

These wrinkles will appear because of the natural loss of elastin. However, this happens faster when you expose yourself to the sun. While you’re young, it seems harmless when you bask in the sun often.

The truth is that you’ll wreak irreparable damage on your skin with sunbathing. Exposing yourself to UV rays damages your collagen fibers and elastin. This results in the appearance of creases on your cheek, as well as your upper lip and neck.

Elastic wrinkles also appear if you have poor diet and skincare habits. Regardless, you’ll likely observe these on the abovementioned parts. Avoid this by using exfoliating peels as part of your skincare habit.

Start with a gentle exfoliating peel. Lactic and glycolic acid can help dissolve dead skin cells. This will reveal younger skin underneath.

You can also get sunspots because of sun exposure. Check out our guide to learn more about treating and preventing sunspots.

3. Gravitational Folds

Is your skin sagging? If so, you’re not the only one. After all, gravity will run its course as you age.

This causes the elasticity in our skin to deflate over time. This results in the skin folding and drooping. Examples of this wrinkle type include lower face jowls and drooping brow.

These occur for older people, especially for those aged 65 and above. To ensure that your skin won’t sag because of gravitational folds, use hibiscus. This skincare product is fantastic for smoothening and lifting your skin.

You can also use acacia to moisturize and make your skin firm.

Do you want to lift your sagging skin? If so, use edelweiss-based products. Couple it with paprika because it helps to revitalize your skin.

4. Dry Wrinkles

The epidermal glands that secrete oil will start shrinking as you age. If your skin loses its protective oily layer, it won’t stay moisturized for long. With this, it will look dry, forming fine parallel lines.

This is especially noticeable on your forehead and decolletage. Boost your skin’s moisture with products that contain strawberry and rhubarb. The former will exfoliate while the latter refreshes your skin.

5. Compression Lines

This type of wrinkles is one of the latest dermatological discoveries around. After you sleep each night, these are the tiny pleats that appear on your face. These will also appear on your neck and chest.

Compression lines appear when you press your face against your pillow while sleeping. These grooves will likely disappear as the day progresses. However, they become more permanent if you stay with bad sleeping habits.

To avoid compression lines, sleep on your back instead of your belly. At the same time, use hydrating moisturizers before sleeping. Products with argan oil and grapeseed can help you counteract this.

6. Crinkle Lines

Did you notice thin, delicate lines on your neck or eyelids? If so, know that they are fine static lines. These will often appear on thin skin, disappearing as soon as you stretch these skin areas.

However, these lines happen because you lose elastin and collagen fibers. It happens because of aging and UV light. To maintain a more youthful appearance, avoid the sun whenever possible.

You can also improve this by using fractional laser resurfacing. It helps to rebuild the skin’s elastic structure.

7. Bunnies

These wrinkles have an adorable name, but their appearance isn’t. These will show up on either side of your nose. It will start at your eyes’ inner corners.

In most cases, bunnies are wrinkles that add more character to your facial features. As such, you’re likely to embrace them instead of getting skin treatments. Take note; bunnies are more visible when your face is more emotional.

This is especially when you laugh a lot. As such, you might find it a good addition to your aging face. The caveat is that these lines might appear if you use some injectables.

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These are some of the most common types of wrinkles you might get. Use this information to motivate you to care for your skin health better.

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