7 Reasons to Use a Professional Wrinkle Removal Service

Preventing wrinkles

90% of the noticeable changes in our skin come from sun damage. 

One of the biggest changes we notice is the appearance of wrinkles. Wrinkles affect everyone, no matter where you live or what your genetics are. It’s no wonder the anti-aging cream industry does so well!

There are several things you can do to prevent wrinkles, such as wearing sunscreen. However, once they’re there, it takes working with a professional to remove them. 

Are you wanting to work with a wrinkle removal service? While it’s a big investment, it’s been beneficial for many people. Keep reading below to discover 7 reasons you should use a wrinkle removal service. 

The Different Types of Treatment

Before jumping into the ‘why’, let’s explore the ‘how’. There are a few different wrinkle treatments you’ve heard of, and all of the removal techniques greatly vary. 

One of the most popular treatments you’ve heard of is botox. This is an invasive type of treatment due to the use of needles and injections. Botox freezes the muscles in the face that contract and cause wrinkles. 

Another invasive type of treatment is the use of fillers. The filler is injected to raise depressed areas of the skin. The effects of this typically last around 4 or 5 months. 

A non-invasive treatment that reduces the effects of sun damage and acne is laser resurfacing. It’s great for those with fine wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, and mouth. 

Let’s Talk Laser Resurfacing 

The ‘why’ reasons below will focus more specifically on the technique of laser resurfacing. You might see a lot of laser removal kits now sold in stores or on Amazon, but it’s always best to work with a professional. 

A professional will be able to perform the treatment correctly and give you tips on how to maintain flawless skin moving forward after your treatment. They’ll also be there for any questions or concerns you might have:

1. Laser Resurfacing Is More Accessible and Trustworthy

Because it’s an expensive, invasive procedure, many people aren’t able to get botox. Removing face wrinkles is much more doable through the use of laser treatments. 

These types of treatment sessions only last an hour or two so it’s only a quick pitstop in your day. You can schedule a session on your lunch break or while the kids are at their sports practices. 

Are you trying to save time by doing your own treatments at home? Save yourself the trouble and work with a professional. It’s a process you can trust more.

2. There’s No Need to Rest at Home

Unlike some more extreme procedures, such as a facelift, you won’t need to rest at home after laser resurfacing. 

You’ll need to avoid places like the gym or pool due to germs that may cause infection to your vulnerable skin, but there’s no need to sit in bed. If you want to use this as an excuse to lay in bed, that’s okay too.

Chat with your technician about proper healing treatments and activities/places to avoid following your treatment. Healing will take a few days and depends on how large of an area you had treated.  

3. You’ll Feel Safer

Invasive surgeries, such as a facelift or botox, cause anxiety for many people. Any sort of knife or needle poses a greater threat than quick laser treatment. 

Ease your anxieties by working with this safe wrinkle removal procedure. Plus, having a professional by your side through it all will provide a greater level of comfort and ease. 

It’s crucial, to be honest with your dermatologist and technician about any medications you’re taking before treatment, especially if it’s an acne medication. Acne medications increase the possibility of scarring. 

4. It Can Be Cheaper Than Botox

Depending on how much work you want to be done, laser resurfacing can be significantly cheaper than botox. Clarify all costs with your dermatologist before agreeing to continue the treatment. 

Botox can cost a couple of thousand dollars for significant work. Laser treatments, if covering a large area, cost about $1,000 per session. Depending on the severity of skin damage, you may need to complete several sessions. 

5. Laser Resurfacing Is Effective

Learning how to remove wrinkles at home is a process that brings along some disappointment. While an anti-aging cream may help a bit, you’ll need to invest in a professional service to see noticeable, long-lasting results. 

Typically, the effects of laser treatments last anywhere from 3-5 years. This is a much longer time window than if you were to only use at-home treatments! 

6. Professional Services Are Customized 

The downside about doing your own wrinkle removal procedures at home is you’re using products used for large populations of people. Everyone’s skin is unique. 

When working with a professional, you’ll notice they create a treatment that works best for your skin and medical history. There are even several types of lasers they can use!

Make sure you’re selecting a technician that’s highly trained and knowledgeable. It’s important to find someone that works with you to find the best possible solution. 

7. A Helping Hand Is Available Throughout the Whole Process

With any of the professional skin wrinkle treatments, you’ll have a guiding hand throughout the entire process. If you did your own treatments at home, your only source of information is a vague Google search. 

A good dermatologist will give you tips on how to properly prepare your skin for your first treatment. They’ll carefully review all possible risks and side effects and offer solutions if you run into any trouble. You’ll know exactly what to expect!

The Benefits of a Professional Wrinkle Removal Service

Even within 5 minutes of an Amazon search, you’ll notice tons of at-home wrinkle treatments. While these seem like a great option, it’s best to invest in a professional wrinkle removal service. 

If you’re looking for a safer, non-invasive form of treatment, give laser resurfacing a try. It doesn’t take long to heal, is cheaper than botox, and provides long-lasting results. 

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